M.M. Public School

We welcome you all to our institution, M.M. Public School, one of the best English Medium school in Jaipur (Rajasthan). Our mission is to uplift the human values through journey of enlightenment. Just like a seed, when provided with proper sunlight and water, germinates and develops into a strong and fruitful tree, we cultivate proper moral and academic education to help your child build a strong character, which could benefit them and the entire society. We hope to produce citizens who are trained not merely in body and intellect but can also build them as rational human being.
A group of highly qualified and experienced teachers nurture these young minds with equal emphasis on academics and extra curricular activities. Our state of the art classrooms are equipped with all modern necessities including facilities for video conferencing, online classes and projector rooms. We have experienced lab technicians to provide your child with all the practical knowledge they will require in their future.
By our own observation and in-depth analysis we felt the necessity for an institution which would provide optimum care and true guidance to your child in every aspect of life under one roof. We believe that every child is unique in their abilities, and we try to provide them with all the facilities they require for their all round development. With this vision in our eyes, this institution came into existence. We welcome this opportunity to share the responsibility in upbringing your child with utmost care and affection. We wish all the parents a very warm and hearty welcome.

Our Progressive Learning Environment

Traditional System New System
Teacher-Centred Instruction. Student – Centred Learning.
The Teacher as Controller and Taskmaster. The Teacher as Facilitator and Inspirer.
Single-Sense Stimulation. Multi sensory Stimulation.
Low-Level Learning that Changes Effort. High-Level Learning that Challenges Ability.
Requires Student Conformity. Addresses Multiple Intelligences.
Isolated Tutor-Assisted Work. Independent Research for Collaborative Work.
Information Delivery. Information Exchange.
Passive Learning. Active Inquiry-Based Learning.
Facts, Figures and Knowledge Recall. Critical Thinking and Informed Decision Making.
Reactive Response. Proactive / Planned Action.
Isolated Artificial Context. Authentic, Real-World Context.

Our Education Values

Unique & Organic Curriculum
Developing Emotional Intelligence
Promoting Team Building
Creating Communities