Shri Manoj Mittal (Chairman)

Chairman's Message

Education of a child is incomplete if it has not made him humane, his character strong, talents honed and soft skills strengthened.

Continuing the 30 years of legacy of imparting the best education, M.M. Public Sr. Sec. School aims to take it further by incorporating technology with the traditional aspect of training and culture. The school ensures that the teachers are provided not just a conducive working environment but are also given freedom in experimenting with new teaching methods. The young learners also receive an atmosphere full of equal opportunities which encourages the rise in, intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ), adversity handling quotient (AQ). The environment created around the learners helps in building a strong character to help them realises their responsibility towards the society and mother Earth.

Joint efforts of the management, faculty and parents in this noble task are always recognised and appreciated. Together we can transform the learners, giving them the wings of knowledge, responsible usage of technology along with the strength of wisdom to make the world a better place.